Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Triplet for the weekend... :)

Ice Age

A very cute movie with realistic special effects. Since Ice Age 2 was out, I wanted to see this before IA2. Ray Romano's voice as Manfred was very nice - could recognize him instantly. At this point, I think the animation industry has evolved to the point where almost anything that can be conceived with vivid imagination can be brought to life the same way it was envisioned. IA is stunning in that aspect - the expressions on the characters' faces, textures (the flowing river for example), voices that suit the characters and so on. Another instance was when Manfred looks at the human lady with compassion, you can actually see it in his eyes - amazing case in point for how evolved the animation aspect is. It was a little difficult to conceive Sabre's as blood/revenge thirsty creatures, but I guess it is ok when we see them talking impeccable English :). You will also get to see why dodo's became extinct in this movie - in the real world, I suspect we humans had a hand (head?) to play in it. I do not know the name of the creature that was actually responsible for triggerring the IA (storywise), but poor thing, it never got to eat the nut even after 20000 years. It is also worth mentioning the thought of the movie makers to highlight human selfishness as a cause of animal destruction.

The Chronicles of Narnia

A fabulous movie to say the least. Another movie with spectacular special effects. As the credits roll on after the movie ends, the number of technicians who were part of creating the movie boggles the mind. Two aspects that really stand out after the movie end are Aslan's character (how majestic must a lion be? and how much wisdom must a sage exude? how would it be if both aspects where combined in one being?) and the background score for the movie (it really sizzles during the war scene). I really don't follow what the cupboard stands for - probably we can equate it to the human mind to say everything is in there - use it to create what you want. But for all purposes, you can set your logic aside and watch this movie. An enjoyable adventure into a fantasy-land.


People who are used to seeing John Travolta as an action hero would probably be surprised at his performance in this movie. This movie is deeply spritual in the sense, it explores the possibilities of the human potential (this aspect would probably strike a chord very firmly with people who wonder how far the human brain can be pushed). Another telling aspect is in keeping John's (JT) character humble and caring even after he becomes a genius. The typical American genius is very egoistic (as we can see in several other movies - Core, Armageddon, Independance Day etc) - John comes as a refreshing and positive change in this movie. John (the director this time!!) should also be credited for not getting carried away too much by the premise of the movie - he portrays what he wants to very strongly without flying away too high. As a result, the movie flies high on several aspects. Another example would be the portrayal of human death and how we must take it with an open mind. All in all, this movie would be one where I can go back to if I need to be inspired at some point.

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