Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Indigo - Movie Review

Unfortunately, a movie with a lot of potential failed to acheive it because of the characterization of the main character.

One reviewer on Amazon mentioned that the Indigo child expressed a lot of arrogance rather than compassion. (S)he was almost spot on. Instead of being the child exuding compassion, understanding and intelligence, she becomes, for the most part, a girl lashing out wisecracks with a lot of scorn for the 'not so evolved'. That is so sad because the movie could have been so much more than what it became.

But still, I would continue to watch such movies since the world needs the intent right now, even if the outcome misses the mark. Some day and time, it's bound to hit it.

If you haven't seen the movie, I really encourage you to see it despite it's shortcomings. As I see it, it's the effort and the intent that counts.

I really admire and respect the courage of Stephen Simon and his team to get this movie out because it involved a lot of financial risks.

CWG - The movie is in production by the same team. I am hoping to see an enlightening account of the story behind CWG.

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