Saturday, October 22, 2005


This is a very good article...

The contents are something which an Osho would say - but I noticed the author's name only at the end. I've heard his tamil discourses on television before - he's an admirer of Osho.

My views on intelligence are similar. Intelligence is the capacity to 'see' - both that is physically visible, and that which is not so obvious. This means that the capacity to intelligence can be refined to no end - and become so sharp in the end, that the human mind cannot contain it any longer. At this level, we can say we're 'enlightened' - and the path of Yoga that deals with Intelligence is called Gnana Yoga. This also means that intelligence can only function through present-moment awareness, since there is no space within the mind where intelligence can flow through. This also implies that intelligence is a natural and spontaneous phenomenon for all human beings, since no human is born without the capacity to be aware. In line with uniqueness of every individual, intelligence expresses itself uniquely through every person. Actually, it's more diverse than what humans demonstrate - it expresses itself through every single life form.

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