Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Creator's Mind

Music takes us very close to divinity...

I was listening to பொல்லா வினையேன் (pollA vinaiyEn) from திருவாசகம்(thiruvAsakam) on my way to work today. Setting my heart on fire, I was thinking about this amazing composition. Then I wondered about the power of music, which can take us mere mortals to some other plane - so what if only for brief moments. Then I wondered about the medium which facilitates the descent of something so ethreal into something almost tangible. What sort of a mind can conceive something so amazing? I guess this applies to all art forms - be it painting, dancing or sculpting. Shiva in his thAndavA is the biggest creator we know. I assume most of us are moved by music most than other art forms - exceptions acknowledged, of course. Music seems to be inseparably interwoven to something deep into ourself, which resonates when it meets it's match in an outer manifestation.

Great ones they are who are one step close to the Creator, dispensing Divinity in art form. Of course, the greatest ones don't take credit for what they bring into this world and turn even that back to the Creator.

I feel so helpless trying to search for a 'Thank You' :)

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