Monday, October 31, 2005

Good Morning!!

Sweet is the morning,
Gentle breeze blowing -
The clouds brewing rain,
My heart leaping with joy.

Good Morning :)

Favorite Quote - 30th Oct 2005

The average person looks at a situation and asks "What's in it for me?". The spiritual person looks at a situation and asks "What needs to be done."

- Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Guess no explanation is needed :)

Friday, October 28, 2005

Favorite Quote - 27th Oct 2005

Time is a created thing. To say "I don't have time" is like saying '"I don't want to"

- Lao Tzu

We knew this all the time didn't we? Some times something very simple and obvious touches us most deeply when we are receptive to it; when some barrier within us has relaxed itself for a brief moment. Also, I have noticed that some very simple statement often contains the most profound truth within it. There are several time management courses that are available that teach us prioritization, planning and so on. Lao Tzu simply brushes everything aside and states, "If you really want to do something, you will manage to do it irrespective of all difficulties". Lao Tzu !!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Flame Within...

This is a mesmerizing composition by Yanni. It gives a feeling of just being happy wherever I am whatever I am doing...

You can listen to the sample here

Saturday, October 22, 2005


This is a very good article...

The contents are something which an Osho would say - but I noticed the author's name only at the end. I've heard his tamil discourses on television before - he's an admirer of Osho.

My views on intelligence are similar. Intelligence is the capacity to 'see' - both that is physically visible, and that which is not so obvious. This means that the capacity to intelligence can be refined to no end - and become so sharp in the end, that the human mind cannot contain it any longer. At this level, we can say we're 'enlightened' - and the path of Yoga that deals with Intelligence is called Gnana Yoga. This also means that intelligence can only function through present-moment awareness, since there is no space within the mind where intelligence can flow through. This also implies that intelligence is a natural and spontaneous phenomenon for all human beings, since no human is born without the capacity to be aware. In line with uniqueness of every individual, intelligence expresses itself uniquely through every person. Actually, it's more diverse than what humans demonstrate - it expresses itself through every single life form.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Creator's Mind

Music takes us very close to divinity...

I was listening to பொல்லா வினையேன் (pollA vinaiyEn) from திருவாசகம்(thiruvAsakam) on my way to work today. Setting my heart on fire, I was thinking about this amazing composition. Then I wondered about the power of music, which can take us mere mortals to some other plane - so what if only for brief moments. Then I wondered about the medium which facilitates the descent of something so ethreal into something almost tangible. What sort of a mind can conceive something so amazing? I guess this applies to all art forms - be it painting, dancing or sculpting. Shiva in his thAndavA is the biggest creator we know. I assume most of us are moved by music most than other art forms - exceptions acknowledged, of course. Music seems to be inseparably interwoven to something deep into ourself, which resonates when it meets it's match in an outer manifestation.

Great ones they are who are one step close to the Creator, dispensing Divinity in art form. Of course, the greatest ones don't take credit for what they bring into this world and turn even that back to the Creator.

I feel so helpless trying to search for a 'Thank You' :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ghajini - கஜினி

Saw this movie a couple of days back...

(possible spoilers)

First of all - the core idea has been inspired from Memento. In one of his interviews, the director A.R Murugadoss (முருகதாஸ்) mentioned that the plot was original... I wonder how!! I wish that Cristopher Nolan / Jonathan Nolan had been acknowledged...

If you take that portion away and view this from a tamil movie industry perspective alone, this movie is certainly different in it's feel and flavor. ARM has also Indianized the Memento plot...

And the greatest strength of the movie? Surya - சூர்யா!!! What a journey it has been for him, from very humble beginnings to now, almost at the brink of stardom. He displays tremendous versatility, be it portraying the successful businessman, or the confused patient with short term memory loss. Not to mention riveting charisma :)

Surya plays a left-handed guy in this movie. Not that it is anything significant, but just adds an intersting tidbit to the movie. ARM has taken care to see that Surya uses his left hand most of the time - but it has been missed at a couple of places, especially during fight sequences.

Asin - அசின் is very cute and beautiful. Her character has been beautifully crafted and is very enjoyable. Surya and Asin make a very good pair, and the scenes where they are together are very memorable. I wish I could make a sub-movie of this footage alone for watching again :)

Nayanthara - நயன் தாரா is a little disappointing. She looked pretty in Chandiramukhi - சந்திரமுகி, but has gained a lot of weight now. இன்னும் கொஞ்சம் உடம்ப நல்லா பாத்துக்கலாம் நயன்...

Songs - again they don't fit the script very well - with the exception of one song. Most songs hamper the movie flow. I wish they were used better....
BGM was again nothing very special. Reminds அந்நியன் (Anniyan) in many places. May be the pressure of prolificity is showing up on Harris Jeyaraj.

Overall, I probably won't watch this again - except for the sequences where Surya and Asin are together. But this movie should possibly catapult Surya to the status of the most demanded hero in the Tamil movie industry. His repertoire now exceeds most other heroes in his age group - charismatic looks, well built body, slick English, dialogue delivery, improving dancing skills, and yes - acting - அசத்துங்க சூர்யா சார்.

PS1: Though unintended, the biggest joke in the movie was when the policeman deduces a telephone number to be a cellphone number (ten digits!!). ARM sir, இவ்வளவு கஷ்டப்பட்டு ஒரு Script எழுதிட்டு இந்த மாதிரி விஷயத்துல எல்லாம் கோட்டை விட்டா எப்படி...

PS2: It almost has become a very normal thing for our movie industry to portray raw and brutal violence very non-chalantly. The scene were Asin is murdered is unbeleivably brutal - it is clear that ARM wanted to shock the viewers, but I wish it were toned down. As a side note, it reflects the way we live on a day-to-day basis, taking so much voilence in thought and action for granted. I wish movies take a turn for the better in this aspect :( (ditto for the climax fight - it is exaggerated, so it doesn't cause a jolt as it did in the former case). This is one reason I don't want to watch this movie again - it doesn't feel like entertainment.
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