Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Reflection and Inspiration - 16th Aug 2005

To progress faster in spiritual service, we must forget ourselves; be the lowliest person and do the dirtiest, the most unwanted work.

- The Supreme Master Ching Hai

Ching Hai is not teaching Life negation. She is asking us to serve Life. Her statement follows the principle of 'What you do unto others, you do to yourself'. Serving others, if done without any conscious or unconscious expectation of recognition or any other self-benefit, is the fastest way to spiritual growth. The Ego is near-zero with selfless service. But why this insistence on being the 'lowliest person' and doing the 'dirtiest, the most unwanted work'? Doing such work pricks the ego a lot. If we can do such work selflessly, we create a great opportunity for ourselves in the Spiritual path. But care must be taken to not allow the ego to enter the back door - 'see how selfless I am, I am doing work which no one else volunteered to do'. Which is why, Masters insist that such tasks also be done in secret. Such people are very rare - people who are truly selfless in serving others can change the world.

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