Sunday, July 31, 2005

Minneapolis Ho...

Was / am (now) at Minneapolis this weekend. Came here for a company training.

Looks to be a good place - very spacious, with a lot of open green land. This state is called the land of 10,000 lakes. While driving around, I saw atleast 6-7 lakes - makes sense :)

After the training, visited Harvey lake park. It's a VERY BIG park. If you've been to Chennai - this park is as big as IIT campus. So couldn't cover much. And it's in the middle of the city!!

Looked for an Indian restaraunt to have dinner - and found a hotel called Grand India restaraunt... It's good to be able to have Indian food wherever you travel :)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Favorite Quote - 27th July 2005

But the real love is not an escape from loneliness, the real love is an overflowing aloneness. One is so happy in being alone that one would like to share — happiness always wants to share. It is too much, it cannot be contained; like the flower cannot contain its fragrance, it has to be released.
- Osho
Note: I don't know what to say... It makes me want to cry.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Anniyan - அந்நியன்

Written: 25th July 2005

(you might not want to read if you haven't seen the movie - potential spoilers)

I saw this movie some time back (about three weeks back). After Boys, which I enjoyed, I was looking forward to this movie, partly because of the hype that was created, and partly because of my confidence with Shankar's screenplay. I also liked the quote "He who comes from hell is not afraid of hot ashes" :)

To summarize in one sentence - "Can watch once, but cannot avoid a tinge of disappointment as the movie ends."


  1. To top all, I really like Shankar's thought of reforming the society. The grasp that the small things that go neglected are the reason our country is in the state it is is very commendable. There is no question that this movie will bring this aspect to our awareness, and that in itself is a good thing to come out of this movie. That footage which Anniyan plays on video just before the climax really pricked.
  2. Vikram's acting - is a very big strength for this movie. Especially the very last scene where he oscillates between ambi and anniyan is awesome - despite the scene being very exaggerated.
  3. The magnitude of the movie, and the lavishness of the screenplay.
  4. Harris Jeyaraj's background score
  5. The heroine :) - she is a good choice. She really looks like an iyer ஆத்து பொண்ணு in traditional attire, and sexy in modern clothes.
  6. Vivek's comedy - though he tries to be dominating in some scenes.


Unfortunately, they outnumber the pros

  1. Logic flaws: It is hard to beleive that 'Nandy' cannot recognize ambi from remo from anniyan, until the point she is about to be murdered. Of all people, I cannot beleive Shankar allowed this flaw. Though the effort is visible, I think a LOT more work was required for the script. The nuances that detailed his earlier movies are missing here.
  2. Shankar draws heavily from his earlier movies - Indian and Gentleman especially.
  3. The murders seem to be heavily inspired from the english movie 'Seven' - though they have been Indianized. They are also very brutal - considering the 'offenses' made by the victims.
  4. The Karate fight was atrocious - supposed to be one of the highlights.
  5. The detective work was uninspiring - eventhough it drew from Indian.
  6. Eventhough the movie tries to convince us with logic - I cannot agree to the solution of killing people for these small errors. The movie tries to tell us how these small errors add up to total anarchy, but I think the solution is to make small changes in each of our behaviors so that they add up to total transformation. Killing people who take bribes at least makes logical sense (though I do not agree to that as well, personally), but this is really pushing it.
  7. Anniyans antics are way overexaggerated at some places (that fight in the gutter for instance)
  8. Remo was an addendum which could have been avoided. It does show case Vikram's acting skills though.
  9. Songs: they are dazzling and lavish, and good - but none of them were really required in the movie. So much money was pumped into these songs - they could have been used in the movie. Being a good craftsman he is, Shankar needs to take a cue from people like Bala and Maniratnam on how to use songs in movies without interrupting script flow. For example, a theme song for this movie would have really added punch to the movie.
  10. The 'forumla' Shankar used to cookup the movie can be clearly seen as we watch the movie.

I probably would have enjoyed this more if it came from a different director. I guess my expectations from Shankar screwed up some of the enjoyment. For me, the scariest part is that I have stopped looking forward to the next movie from him. I'll still watch it, but I don't think it will have the same excitement which I felt for Anniyan. If the next movie focuses on killing people who do mistakes, I think it's done-deal!!

I guess it's Bala and MR for me then :)

Sunday, July 10, 2005

TIO / TbI / TiS

9th July 2005

I am listening to thiruvAsakam by ilaiyarAja (இளையராஜாவின் திருவாசகம்) currently. From the reports, this effort appears to be a very big commercial success.

My happiest news will be when the following happen:

  • The project breaks even - when Sankar Kumar and Fr. Jegath are able to repay all their loans with no hassles
  • When this project becomes an example and an inspiration for future efforts like this

International recognition for this album including this album being played at concerts around the world will be an added bonus :)

As far as the album goes - I am not writing a review, since I cannot. I'll just give my salutations ('Namaste's) to:

நமசிவாய வாழ்க, நாதன் தாள் வாழ்க,

இமைப்பொழுதும், என்நெஞ்சில் நீங்காதான்தாள் வாழ்க!

These are the verses that made me cry - in pain, joy and something beyond.

Hail hail! I sing hail hail!

Hail hail! Grateful hail hail!

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