Thursday, March 03, 2005

Reflection and Inspiration - 2nd Mar 2005

With sex, you are only trying to make something else a part of you. By now, you have enough experience to know it will never work. With eating, you are successful in making something outside of you a part of you. Eating one morsel of food in full consciousness can cause you to explode into oneness. As your consciousness grows higher, a single breath is enough to move you into oneness. So when you eat, eat respectfully with as much involvement as you can.

- Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
This was a revelation to me. I had never thought of eating in this way. With sex, even without experience, I know it doesn't work - definitely not permanently :). With eating, I have thought of it as - "something else that is living is dying to make you live", and that is enough to make me feel respectful. But many times, I have lost this awareness and eat as a way of filling my body. Many times, I also eat watching TV. After hearing Jaggi speak, I made two decisions - to eat only when I am hungry, and to eat with as much consciousness as the moment allows.

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